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Choose the Booty Bands recommended by Australia's leading Personal Trainers!

  • SHAPE & TONE YOUR LOWER BODYShape, tone and strengthen your hamstrings, quads, abductors, adductors, hip flexors and build the booty of your dreams! Use Angry Calf Booty Bands at the gym, indoor or outdoors or for home workouts.

  • AVAILABLE AS INDIVIDUAL BANDS OR FULL SET OF 3PK: Angry Calf Booty Bands come in 3 sizes (Small, Medium & Large) that can be used for a variety of exercise and cater for varying levels of strength and physical capability. Our bands are available to purchase individually or discounted as a set of all 3!

  • DURABLE & NON-SLIP DESIGN: Compared with similar booty bands, Angry Calf Booty Bands are made from top quality material with a quad-grip design of cotton, polyester, spandex and an anti-slip latex thread which helps create an anti-slip barrier during your workout. Also say goodbye to silicone or rubber-based hip bands and their uncomfortable slipping, pinching and rolling! Angry Calf Booty Bands do no roll up!

  • PORTABLE & CONVENIENT - We supply all bands with an Angry Calf satchel that makes it easy to bring them to the gym/ box, office or travel. Workout anywhere and in style with our beautiful designs!

  • WORKOUT COMPATIBILITY - Angry Calf Booty Bands are ideal for assisting in  CrossFit, Yoga, F45, Pilates, Hot Yoga, and Beach Body workouts. Anyone looking to increase strength, mobility and power should invest in a set of Angry Calf Booty Bands. Ideal for warming up and stretching the Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Hip, Abs.


For many people, It is not uncommon for their quads to take over in exercises like squats and lunges, when in actual fact what you really want is your butt to be doing a significant amount of the work.

The main reason this occurs is because a lot of people tend to overuse their quad muscles during workouts that aren't meant to target them, this is often referred to as quad dominance. There are a many things that can cause it, but a major factor is often tight hips. The tighter the hips, the more likely they are to initiate movements like squats from your knees instead of your hips, putting increased  pressure on your legs instead of your glutes.

Booty Band workouts are amazing at targeting the muscles in the booty, specifically the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. What makes Booty Bands so great is that they can be used just for a booty focused workout, but they are also incredibly helpful if you want to activate or switch on your glute muscles for a bigger workout, too.

We have seen massive success with athletes such as Crossfitters who use the Booty Bands to warm up before big compound movements like Squats, Deadlifts, Cleans and Snatches. 

Mobility, Strength and Power are critical factors in achieving any fitness related goal. Angry Calf Booty Bands have been specially designed to prepare your lower body for the rigors of intense physical exercise, without the pain and discomfort that some traditional rubber or latex bands have in the past!



As a general rule:

If you are interested in doing band work primarily above the knees (purely for squatting and maybe crab walks etc) then choose either the Small or Medium Band.

The Small is better suited to shorter people or people with relatively powerful legs, the medium also offers great resistance but is slightly easier to use than the small and is better for beginners with limited leg or core strength.

Anyone interested in doing any resistance work around the ankles is advised to purchase the Large band as the other 2 bands are very firm and it is quite difficult to get leverage and range of motion at ankle level with the Small or Medium Band.

SMALL: LENGTH - 66cm /26", Bodyweight - under 120LB / 55KG

MEDIUM: LENGTH - 76cm /30", Bodyweight - 121-150LB /55-68KG

LARGE: LENGTH - 86cm /34", Bodyweight - over150LB / 68KG

*Note - Bodyweight is just a guide, athletes should consider their current mobility when deciding on what band to purchase. The Smallest Band offers the highest level of resistance and therefore should be chosen by athletes who already possess high levels of lower body strength and mobility. Beginner athletes should start with larger bands and move to smaller bands as mobility, strength and power improve.


Mix n Match Sets NOW AVAILABLE!

Want 3 Different Colors & Sizes? Simply add the 3 Individual Booty Bands you would like to your shopping cart and you will automatically receive a discount that gets you each band for $25 ($75 minimum purchase).

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Shab S.
Australia Australia
Ordered over 3 weeks ago and haven’t received the item

Would love to tell you if I had actually received what I had ordered. I would’ve ordered elsewhere if I knew it was going to take this long however I thought I was buying from australia?

Fatima I.
Australia Australia
Love these Bands - Cool prints!

I received my bands just before I had an accident - dislocated my ankle and broke my leg! . I have still been able to use them with my plaster and moon boot. I can't wait to get back to using them as originally intended. Love their prints, little carry bags, easy to store and take to the gym.

Angry Calf

Sorry to hear about your accident Fatima, hope you are back in action and getting great use out of your bands soon. Thanks for the great review! The Angry Calf Team

daniel w.
Australia Australia
5 star

Great products, very well made with a great feel. Cant recommend enough.

Angry Calf

Great to hear Daniel, thanks for the great review! Thanks The Angry Calf Team

Mollie P.
Australia Australia
Booty Band Review

Not only do they come in beautiful colours, but they are also made extremely well and will enhance any workout. My clients love these!!

Angry Calf

So glad you and your clients are getting benefit from our booty bands Mollie! Thanks, The Angry Calf Team