"Cherry Blossom" - Angry Calf Barbell Lifting Straps

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Angry Calf Barbell Lifting Straps

    • HIGH QUALITY COTTON BUILD - Angry Calf weight-lifting wrist straps are manufactured with cotton material that deliver superior for tractability, tear and fissure resistance. This material makes our wrist straps more rigorous in training and enhances durability. The cotton-built is soft and comfortable.
    • UNIQUE STRONG GRIP SUPPORT - Our power-lifting wrist straps deliver compact grip for secure fit hold. With solid grip there it reduces the risk for imbalance that may cause injury. Tight grip around your wrist doesn’t hamper blood circulation and condenses soreness. Tailored for any bar you may be working with.
    • INDUSTRIAL GRADE STITCHING - Angry Calf Lifting Straps are made to last...
    • COMPRESSION & SWEAT WICKING PROPERTIES - Angry Calf lifting straps deliver compression, support and prevents injury risks. They are designed to offer firm grip around your wrist joints with maximum comfort. Further, the advance sweat wicking technology will keep your wrist as dry as possible while you opt for heavy lifting.
    • 5MM GEL INTEGRATED PADDED NEOPRENE - Angry Calf Lifting Straps inhibit the calluses, cuts, and relevant injuries during the gym workouts and provide hand safety. 5mm Gel padded neoprene offers cushioning and assistance to your wrists for a zero-slip grip.
    • BEAUTIFUL PATTERNS & THICK PADDING – Workouts are not meant to be boring! Say goodbye to the plain black designs that have inhabited our gyms for years. Add a splash of colour with the pretty patterns that make our Angry Calf Lifting Straps essential fitness fashion!. The extra soft and thick neoprene padding will make your straps extremely comfortable to wear. Be the envy of the gym with these eye catchers!
    • HANDY CARRY BAG – Your Angry Calf Lifting Straps come with a very handy black mesh carry bag. Helps to protect your straps and makes them easy to find in your gym bag