Why Choose an Angry Calf Jump Rope?

Why Choose an Angry Calf Jump Rope?

Every athlete goes through that awkward phase at the beginning of your development when you don't know many people in the box and you are just trying to hide somewhere near the back and hope that someone doesn't see how terrible your form is or how light the weight on the bar you are lifting is right?

Firstly, that is completely normal and don't worry, the awesome thing about Crossfit is that everyone has been through that stage and so they won't judge as they know exactly how you are feeling.

For us, (and many others...) the most difficult new skill to master was the art of double unders. Nothing can make you feel more silly than not being able to jump rope, particularly in a crowded box when everyone can see every whipped toe, forearm, tricep of even forehead as you painfully flail through however many minutes of torture your coaches have inflicted upon you...

At each box we visited during the early stages of our Crossfit Journey, one thing that seemed to be consistent was that Double Unders (or the standard scaling of 3x the rep range in Skips) were a staple movement that we would need to master. 

At the same time, in every box we visited we also noticed a strange issue arising with the equipment provided. In almost every box we visited, 1 of 2 scenarios occurred...

1. The Box provided cheap old Jump Ropes that were knotted, frayed, had inconsistent handle weights and lengths.


2. The Box didn't provide Jump Ropes at all and it was up to the individual to bring their own. In those instances, we would ask the coaches who would immediately recommend a top of the range super speed rope that cost over $70 and was way too fast and hard for us to control...

In both instances, we weren't setting ourselves up for success. With the old ropes we never seemed to get the same one from session to session and couldn't develop consistency and the ropes didn't have the speed required to adequately produce double unders. With the super fast ropes we simply weren't skilled enough to control the jump rope while learning the essential movement patterns of dubs and as a result we were bouncing around like a submerged dolphin...

It was at this moment we knew we needed to find a Jump Rope that was perfect for beginner and intermediate athletes who were ready to move from skipping to double unders and as such required a tool that was fast enough to perform the movement but still allowed enough control to perform the task with consistency.

After months of product testing with the support of some great Crossfit coaches, we settled on the Angry Calf Jump Rope we sell today.

The Angry Calf Jump Rope is made of light weight aluminium that is comfortable on the grip and doesn't blow out the shoulders during longer sessions. The rope is made of steel wire with a PVC coating and the weight is ideal for balancing speed with technique. The unique ball bearing system allows for a smooth flow that maximises control so that athletes can find a good rhythm and balance their pace. The rope is also completely adjustable due to the screw mechanism that can be altered with ease using only your fingers, allowing each athlete to find the perfect length for themselves.

We launched in Feb and the support & feedback has been incredible. We have sold literally hundreds of these jump ropes already and we haven't had a single complaint. Beginner and Intermediate athletes are loving them and we are excited by the amount of incredible feedback we get on our social media pages from athletes who are seeing amazing improvements when they make the switch. 

If you are an accomplished athlete who is performing over 80-100 double unders per minute, then this rope might not be for you. If you are an aspiring Crossfitter who really wants to take your skill set from skipping to double unders or from broken double unders to high levels of consistent reps, then give it a go and we are pretty confident you will see results...

Whatever you choose, good luck on your fitness journey and congratulations on making the choice to proactively improve your health and wellbeing.

The Angry Calf Team...



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  • James

    Great article! We went through a similar experience starting crossfit and have been looking for a rope to help master double unders, will definitely be giving the Angry Calf rope a go!

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