What are Booty Bands?

What are Booty Bands?

Everything you need to know about Booty Bands is right here! 

Booty Bands, also known as "hip bands", "hip circles", "mini bands" or "butt bands" are small circular resistance bands that are used to increase performance of muscles in the lower body. As a result, most exercises tend to activate the gluteal muscles and hence the term "booty band" was born.

In our experience, Booty Bands serve 2 main purposes for the thousands of athletes, personal trainers, clients and everyday customers that the team here at Angry Calf have worked with. 

The main purpose we see our Booty Bands used for is strengthening, shaping and toning the lower body, most commonly for developing a rounder, bigger & stronger bum. Our clients use Angry Calf Booty Bands to perform a variety of exercises that focus on developing the otherwise hard to target, Glute Minimus & Glute Medius.

The way that the booty bands work is to form a field of resistance by putting the lower body muscles under consistent, repetitive tension that isolates, targets and by definition, activates the targeted area. With progressive overload, (more resistance & more reps) this activity results in growing these targeted muscles.

The other main use for our booty bands is not specifically as a means of growing muscle, but rather as a warm up device for athletes who struggle for mobility in their workouts.

As a society, our evolution has seen us spend more time in seated positions than at any other point in human history and the impact has been catastrophic, in particular on the function of our glute muscles and hip flexors. If you look at a child or someone who spends all day mobile, you will notice that they are able to drop comfortably into a deep "ass to grass" squat with absolutely no discomfort. This movement should be a core competency for all human beings, however as we get older and spend more time seated (school, work, cars, the couch...) our hip flexor mobility erodes and so does our glute activation.

The net result is more work for our quads or "quad dominance" which is also the key reason for a number of knee and lower back issues (but that's a whole other story). Anyway, if you are in the gym, at Crossfit or F45 or wherever you lift your weights and you struggle to get into a deep squat, especially when you are getting started in your workout then a Booty Band could be the solution for you.

Many of the athletes & PT's we work with, religiously use a booty band to activate the glute muscles and hip flexors during their warm up. By activating these muscles and promoting blood flow before you start heavy lifts such as squats, deadlifts or other Olympic lifting techniques, most of our clients see a definable improvement in the depth/ mobility of the movement and total liftable weight (either weight lifted or number of reps) vs. not using the bands to warm up.

Booty Bands were traditionally made from rubber or latex and while these bands were capable of delivering on resistance, they were also a source of frustration as they were known to roll up, slip and cause some discomfort on exposed skin.

Angry Calf Booty Bands are made from a quad blend of cotton, polyester, spandex and an anti-slip latex thread which helps to create a non-slip barrier during your workout. We have received hundreds of glowing review like the ones below from our followers who love the quality of this formulation!

Booty Bands generally come in multiple sizes that are applicable to your level of strength and conditioning. At Angry Calf, we offer 3 sizes as follows:


As a general rule:

If you are interested in doing band work primarily above the knees (purely for squatting and maybe crab walks etc) then choose either the Small or Medium Band.

The Small is better suited to shorter people or people with relatively powerful legs, the medium also offers great resistance but is slightly easier to use than the small and is better for beginners with limited leg or core strength.

Anyone interested in doing any resistance work around the ankles is advised to purchase the Large band as the other 2 bands are very firm and it is quite difficult to get leverage and range of motion at ankle level with the Small or Medium Band.

SMALL: LENGTH - 66cm /26", Bodyweight - under 120LB / 55KG
MEDIUM: LENGTH - 76cm /30", Bodyweight - 121-150LB /55-68KG
LARGE: LENGTH - 86cm /34", Bodyweight - over150LB / 68KG
*Note - Bodyweight is just a guide, athletes should consider their current mobility when deciding on what band to purchase. The Smallest Band offers the highest level of resistance and therefore should be chosen by athletes who already possess high levels of lower body strength and mobility. Beginner athletes should start with larger bands and move to smaller bands as mobility, strength and power improve.

Let's Recap! Why should you consider a Booty Band?

  • SHAPE & TONE YOUR LOWER BODY - Shape, sculpt and tone your calves, hamstrings, quads, abductors, adductors, hip flexors and build the booty of your dreams! Use them at the gym/ box, outside or for training right from the ease & comfort of your home, office or break room.

  • AVAILABLE AS INDIVIDUAL BANDS OR FULL SET OF 3PK: Angry Calf Resistance Activation Bands come in 3 sizes (Small, Medium & Large) that can be used for a variety of exercise and cater for varying levels of strength and physical capability. Our bands are available to purchase individually or discounted as a set of all 3!

  • DURABLE & NON-SLIP DESIGN: Compared with similar workout bands, Angry Calf activation bands are made from top quality material with a quad-grip design of cotton, polyester, spandex and an anti-slip latex thread which helps create an anti-slip barrier during your workout. Also say goodbye to silicone or rubber-based hip bands and their uncomfortable slipping, pinching and rolling!

  • PORTABLE & CONVENIENT - We supply all bands with an Angry Calf satchel that makes it easy to bring them to the gym/ box, office or travel. Workout anywhere and in style with our awesome camo designs!

  • WORKOUT COMPATIBILITY - Angry Calf Bands are ideal for assisting in  CrossFit, Yoga, F45, Pilates, Hot Yoga, and Beach Body workouts. Anyone looking to increase strength, mobility and power.Ideal for warming up and stretching the Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Hip, Abs.


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