Standing Cable Hamstring Curls - Angry Calf Gym Workout Movement feat. Quantrelle King

Standing Cable Hamstring Curls - Angry Calf Gym Workout Movement feat. Quantrelle King

At Angry Calf, we are on a mission to help you achieve your absolute fittest, strongest and healthiest body.

We literally love nothing more than seeing the transformation that occurs when one of our followers starts using our fitness gear as part of their everyday exercise routine.

Today we are talking Hamstring Strength with Online Coach and Angry Calf ambassador Quantrelle King. Quantrelle loves using her Angry Calf Ankle Straps for Cable Machines to help strengthen her hamstrings.

Today she is demonstrating the Standing Cable Leg Curl and she is wearing the Angry Calf Cherry Blossom design from our latest floral range.

Why train the hamstrings?

Tight hamstrings are very common, particularly nowadays when so many of us spend so much of our days sitting down. Whether it’s at a school desk, in an office, in the car or on the couch, the truth is we spend more time sitting than at any other moment in human history. When we are sitting down, our hammy’s, which are the muscles that run along the backs of your legs, become shortened, so we need to stretch them in order to improve flexibility & make sure your hamstrings maintain their full range of motion.

Ok so flexibility is important, but what about strength?

Strengthening your hamstrings will also help to loosen them up and that’s important because the hamstrings play a pretty huge role in basically every leg exercise.

Wanna add more weight to your deadlift?

Wanna squat deeper or add kgs to the bar?

Wanna lunge deeper?

Wanna spin that bike faster for longer?

Wanna pretty much kick ass at any movement in the gym?

Yep, you guessed it, you’re gonna have to spend time training your hamstrings for strength.

There are heaps of hamstring exercises but Quantrelle loves the standing cable leg curl! Why? These hamstring exercises are good for all fitness levels.

The key to getting the most out of them is to concentrate on squeezing your hamstrings and letting them be the muscles that initiate each movement—don’t let your quads or glutes do all the work!

The standing leg curl exercise works the hamstring as well as the muscles on the back of the thighs.

Steps :

1.) Start off standing at a leg curl machine adjust the rear footpad so it is just above your ankle.

2.) Grasp the handles of the machine for support and draw your abs in.

3.) Raise your foot up towards your back slowly in a controlled motion.

4.) Return to the starting position and change legs.

5.) Repeat for 10-12 reps and 3-4sets with a weight that is challenging but allows you to maintain good controlled form!

Grab yourself some ankle straps and give it a go and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram or leave a comment at the bottom to tell us how you went!

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